Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Assistive Technology

Hasselbring, Ted S. and Candyce H. Williams Glaser. Use of Computer Technology to Help
Students with Special Needs. Children and Computer Technology, Vol 10, No 2.
Fall/Winter 2000. Pg 101 – 122.

The article “Use of computer technology to help students with special needs” is about how technology can help students with disabilities in school and everyday life. The authors define who are children with special needs and give a description of the different types of special needs and how technology can be used to help the students. The authors also write about barriers of technology and how many do not support the use of technology in the classroom. The purpose of the article was to provide information on ways technology can be used to assist people in their daily lives. Technology as become more advance and there are areas that many do not realize are available. With the use of technology we can make life less complex and accessible to all people. Children with special needs are no longer set aside in classroom with jus each other; they are now present in regular classrooms. Teachers need to know and be aware of ways to address the needs of all students and with technology they can.

This video is exactly what the authors were discussing in the article "Use of computer technology to help students with special needs." The video is great because it shows students engaging. I perfer using this video because it is everything the authors discuss and it is a great visual aid.

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  1. I like how this video shows many types of assistive technology and explains how each works.